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About the photographer

I Love Photography... I want you to as well!

My name is Fara O’Connor, and I want you to love the photos you take. 

I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was a little girl and those humble beginnings were the making for a life-long passion.  Photos have surrounded me from my earliest memories and I’m never without a camera. 

I started offering photography services in my late 20's and every day is still as exciting as the next when it comes to photography!

Capturing every-day moments, and major life events, as well as quirky things that I want to show friends has always been part of who I am.  
The world around me inspires me and I want to share that with everyone, to inspire them too.

Choose me
I want to be your photography mentor.  I believe that everyone can learn the basics to get them on the way to photos that their happy with… the rest is just patience and practice.  Those first steps in the process of learning are my favourite, and choosing me to be there to walk those steps with you means a lot.  Choosing me again when you’re ready to take your next steps means even more.

I’ve travelled the globe with my camera and have been in all kinds of photo situations. CEOs and rock band members, maternity, new-borns, weddings and class photos, real estate and travel photos… I’ve had experience in all kinds of situations and with all kinds of people. I’ve learnt a lot on the field and it’s time to pass that knowledge on.

Just what you need
Capturing phenomenal images that will endure time takes more than great camera equipment; it takes a trained eye and years of experience.   Most people just want great photos of their family and friends, those special moments and things that make their lives special.  I want to help you along that road and make the experience as fun as possible.

Photography isn't just my job, it's my passion, and I want you to love and enjoy it as much as I do.

My Mission

Quite simply is to teach you the basics so you can take photos that you're happy with.

I want people to get out there and take photos that you want to share with your friends and family. To capture memories and have fun with your cameras without having to be professional photographers.

A few samples of my work are here

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